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Full month of training and/or coaching: 

$900-$1,500.00 per month

Prices vary among the trainers, as there are various independent training businesses at Arroyo.

Grooming and Care


Price varies according to the Trainer

$700-$850.00 per month

The prices vary as this is charged according to the independent training businesses at Arroyo Del Mar.


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Boarding per month


Stalls are cleaned twice a day, hay is fed four times a day, and full use of the facilities are included.

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Sierra Trigg


Arroyo Del Mar has a full time staff including a manager and foreman. 


Sierra Trigg joined the Arroyo crew in 2022. She grew up riding but took a 10 year hiatus to pursue her career. With an extensive background in sales, event planning, and design, Sierra returns to the stables equipped, dedicated, and highly organized. With a drive for excellence, she is known for thriving in dynamic, high pressure environments through changing climates with polished professionalism. 


Juan Rodriguez has been with Arroyo Del Mar for over ten years now. Arriving first as a high performance groom, Rodriguez transitioned to full time Ranch Foreman in 2020.  He knows the ranch inside and out, and he is one of the handiest and hard working employees out there. In addition to his experience at the ranch, he has experience in landscaping, mechanical, and electrical work. Arroyo Del Mar is extremely fortunate to have him on board.


Juan rodriguez

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