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Mette Rosencrantz

Mette Rosencrantz is an elite US dressage rider based in Los Angeles, California. Specializing in world class dressage training for both riders and horses.

Mette Rosencrantz

Mette Rosencrantz is among the most respected and experienced dressage trainers and competitors in the world. She is a seven-time US National Championship competitor who has brought several horses and riders all the way up to International Grand Prix level.


Mette started her career at a very young age and has since then been very successful. She followed in her grandfather’s footsteps, who was part of the Swedish squad that won team gold in equestrian jumping at the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm.Born in Sweden, Mette was for many years a member of the Swedish Dressage Team before moving to the US and becoming a US citizen. Mette has competed at many big international shows with victories both in the US, Europe and Australia. She is currently ranked in the top 150 in the world!


In 2017, Mette was selected to represent the United States and competed twice as a member of the American Team in the FEI Nations Cup, in Denmark and Sweden. She has won the US Dressage Final in Kentucky, NY. In 2015 she was the Champion in Intermediate 1 and reserved Champion in PSG. One of many other highlights in her career was when she was 3rd in the Invitational Grand Prix during the FEI World Cup Final in Las Vegas and even better to win it in 2007 with her horse Basquewille.


In 2015, Mette and her longtime assistant trainer Anna Blomdahl, had the opportunity to show a very entertaining and exciting Pas De Deux in front of thousands of people during the FEI World Cup Final, once again in Las Vegas. Mette is as respected as a trainer as she is in the show ring. In 2010 Mette was selected as the Team official for the Malaysian Team at the Asian Games in China. Mette received her teaching degree at Strömsholm, Sweden’s prestigious school for riding instructors, where she eventually became the head instructor. She worked at Strömsholm for many years before making the move to the US. In addition to her teaching degree, she has a Master’s degree in physical/sport education from Stockholm University. She was one of the first ones to observe the health and physic for riders with her book “Stretching for riders”. Mette has both produced her own series of educational riding videos and been part of other dressage training videos online. Over the years Mette has also authored numerous articles in different Equestrian Magazines.


Mette is currently located in Los Angeles, California, area where she has been running a very successful training facility for the past 30 years. She is focused on her own riding and training as well as teaching. She does everything from training level to grand prix with her own horses as well as students. She is also a very popular clinician and has taught a lot of clinics throughout the US over the years and has been the presenters of Expos in both US and Canada. Her teaching and riding skills are highly sought after, and her expertise is in high demand across the country and abroad.


The key to Mette’s success is her strong passion and love for the horses, her dedication to the sport and her hard work throughout the years. This is just a tiny bit of everything she has accomplished, the list can go on forever!

  • Twice a member of the Swedish Team

  • Winner of the invitational CDI in Australia

  • Basquewille – Winner of the Invitational Grand Prix during the FEI World Cup Final, Las Vegas, 2007

  • Taison – USEF Horse of the Year, Finalist Developing Horse Championship, Chicago, 2009

  • Finally – Palm Beach Dressage Derby -Grand Prix Champion, Florida, 2013

  • De Noir – US Final Champion Intermediate 1, Reserved Champion PSG, Kentucky, 2015

  • Mosegaards Rico - USEF Dressage Festival of Champions, 5th overall, Gladstone, NY, 2012

  • Marron – FEI Nations Cup Team member, Denmark and Sweden, 2017, USEF Dressage Festival of Champions, 5th overall, Gladstone, NY, 2017

  • Pas De Deux during the FEI World Cup Final, Las Vegas, 2015

  • Team Official for the Malaysian Team at the Asian Games, China, 2010

  • Book – “Stretching for riders”

  • Videos – “Moving up” Volume 1-3


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