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Grace Walker

Grace Walker Dressage
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Grace Walker, originally from Southern California, has had an appreciation and love for horses as well as for the abilities one can achieve while riding ever since she can remember. She is a USDF Bronze Medalist and a CHA certified level four trainer. Although she did not come from a family with an equine background, her desire to ride led her to join the local Pony Club where she would eventually graduate as an A. 

         Grace has had the privilege of owning and riding many different breeds in a variety of disciplines. She started riding consistently since the age of seven by participating in weekly private lessons. Most of her riding journey has focused on the disciplines of Eventing and Show Jumping, however, when attending Houghton College, located in West New York, she deepened her understanding and love for Dressage. Although she continues to jump and further her knowledge in Eventing and Show Jumping, she now is a trainer and manager full time at a Dressage barn.

         In college, Grace worked and trained under Susan Barisone Gilson at SBG Dressage in the Rochester Area while finishing two Bachelors degrees, one in Business Marketing and the other in Equestrian Performance through Houghton College. She returned to Southern California in 2017, and in 2018 she purchased a young imported Oldenburg from Exclusive Dressage Imports and began working for Marie Medosi Dressage at Arroyo Del Mar. Less than a year later, she was asked by the Peters to be the Manager of Arroyo Del Mar. Currently, she runs her training business at Arroyo Del Mar and Far View Farms, as well as throughout the San Diego County area. She continues to serve as the Arroyo Del Mar Facility Manager and occasionally receives coaching from Dawn White O’Connor as well as from Shannon Peters.